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    Where can I get medical advice?

    NHS Direct/NHS 111 is the non-emergency telephone line which provides immediate assistance from highly trained advisors. They will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms, provide medical advice and direct you to the most appropriate medical care. The NHS 111 phone line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and calls are free from landlines and mobiles.

    Do I need vaccinations before starting University?

    We strongly recommend that you have the following vaccinations before starting at Marjon:

    • Meningitis

    • MMR

    Please speak with your GP to arrange your vaccination.

    What is current cost of prescriptions?

    The current prescription charge is £8.20 per item. You may be eligible for free prescriptions. For details on eligibility for free prescriptions, please see the NHS website

    Where can I find my local pharmacy?

    If you are suffering from a common health problem (for example, a cold) you can visit a local pharmacy and speak confidentially to a pharmacist. The pharmacist can provide general advice on health issues and suitable medication.

    You can find your nearest pharmacy on the NHS website.

    Where’s the nearest walk in centre?

    Walk-in Centre’s provide access to healthcare advice and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. You do not need to pre-register or make an appointment in advance.

    The nearest walk-in Centre to Marjon is the Cumberland Centre, Damerell Close, PL1 4JZ. You can telephone them on 01752 434390.

    Where can I find a local dentist?

    Some dental practices in the UK provide NHS treatment but many do not. You should ask your dentist if they accept NHS patients. If you already have a GP then your dentist will contact your GP to confirm your NHS entitlement. If accepted, your dentist will ask you for the NHS number on your medical card. Even if you are entitled to NHS treatment, you may still need to contribute towards the cost of your dental treatment. If you are not entitled to NHS treatment, or the dentist you choose does not take NHS patients, you will need to meet full cost of your treatment.

    You can find your nearest dentist on the NHS website.

    Where can I find my local opticians?

    You will normally need to pay for an eye test, and if you need glasses or contact lenses, the optician will give you a prescription. The cost of frames and lenses vary greatly. 

    You can find your nearest optician on the NHS website.

    I'm thinking of travelling during my summer break, how do I get these vaccinations sorted?
    Please speak with your GP in the first instance, allowing plenty of time before your trip starts, to ensure you get can any vaccinations you need.
    Further information on travel vaccinations can be found here


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