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    Accruing fines

    Overdue Library items incur fines. Non-payment of debts means you will lose any entitlement to borrow from the Library until your debt is settled. Fines are accured daily (apart from Saturday & Sunday), up to a maximum of £20 per item, per renewal.

    We have varying fines, dependent on the loan type of the item:

    Loan type

    Issue period

    Label colour

    Fine per item


    3 weeks


    20p per day


    1 week


    75p per day

    Teaching Resources

    5 weeks


    5p per day

    Fines during holidays & placements

    The Library is open during reading weeks, Christmas holidays (bar our advertised closure days), Easter holiday and the summer, and fines will continue to accrue during those periods. Your books are not automatically issued over a teaching or clinic placement, so you must remember to renew your books for your placement. We advise not borrowing weekly loans during placement, if you can avoid it. If your placement is overseas, please contact libraryenquiries@marjon.ac.uk beforehand. 

    Reservations on overdue items 

    If another user reserves an item that you have on loan and it is more than 1 week overdue, you will be emailed directly by the Library. Recall fines of 75p per day will be charged on the item, in addition to fines already accruing. 

    Lost, stolen & damaged items

    The replacement cost will be charged for all items lost, stolen or damaged, plus a £10 administration fee.  There is a fixed charge of £30 when items are out of print or no longer available for purchase. No refunds will be made once a replacement item has been ordered. Items returned before a replacement is ordered will receive a refund less the £10 administration charge.

    Billings & invoices

    Billing notices for lost books and fines totalling more than £25 will be emailed to your Marjon email account.  Billings not responded to within 28 days are passed to the Finance department as official debts, and a paper invoice is sent to your home address.

    Once an invoice is passed to the Finance department, it becomes an institutional debt, and Finance will follow set procedures and set timeframes. Any debts not resolved within the timeframe advised by Finance will ultimately be passed to a debt collection agency for resolution. 

    Students at partnership colleges

    If you are a student at one of our partnership institutions, billings and invoice emails will be sent to the address registered with the Library. Any invoices from the Finance department will be posted to the partner institution. Should these remain unpaid, the Library and Finance Department will liaise with the partner institution, and invoices may be sent to your home address. 

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