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    Borrower allowances

    Type of borrower

    Borrowing allowance

    Year 1 
    Year 2
    Foundation degree
    Enhancement course
    Church College Certificate  

     15 items

     BEd and PGCE students can borrow an additional 15 items  from the Teaching  Practice Collection.  

    Year 3 
    Postgraduate & Masters level

     20 main library items
     BEd students can borrow an additional 15 items from the  Teaching Practice  Collection. 

    External borrowers
    SCONUL Access users

     5 main library items, no restricted items

    Loan collections

    Loan type

    Issue period

    Label colour

    Fine per item


    3 weeks


    20p per day


    1 week


    75p per day

    Teaching Resources

    5 weeks


    5p per day

    Most our items are issued for 3 weeks at a time (this is increased to 4 weeks for Masters students and 12 weeks for staff). These books have a white label inside and a fine of 20p per day when overdue.

    Titles in demand are placed on weekly loan; these are located on the main shelves and clearly marked inside as restricted. They have a green dot on the spine, and are issued for 1 week only. There is a fine of 75p per day when overdue. 

    We may also place a copy of a high demand book into the Reference collection so that it can always be accessed; Reference books cannot be borrowed. 

    Altholugh items can be borrowed and renewed at weekends, we guarantee that items will never be due back at the weekend, and fines will not generate on these days. 

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