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    Renewing & returning books

    Books can be returned to the Library via the self-service kiosks, which are available 24/7 during term time. During holiday hours, we have a book return box outside of the Library when we are closed.

    Your books can be renewed via the Library catalogue (accessed through our website), by ringing us during staffed hours on 01752 761145 or via the self-service kiosks. The only time you won't be able to renew your books is if you have fines of over £25, or someone else has placed a reservation on a title - other than that, you have unlimited renewals. 

    The Library system sends automated reminder notices the day before your books are due, and the day after - however, these are a courtesy service and you should not rely on them. It is your responsibility to know when you books are due for return and ensuring that your books are renewed or returned on time; if you have any problems, please sure you contact us. 

    Reserving books

    If all copies of a book are checked out, you can place a reservation so that a copy will be held for you when one is returned. If there are already reservations on an item, you will be placed in a queue. You'll be notified by email when the item is ready for you to collect, and we'll hold onto it for 7 days for you. 

    Unfortunately you cannot reserve items which are already available on the shelves.

    Recalling books 

    If you have reserved an item and it is more than a week overdue, please let us know. We then email the borrower directly to 'recall' the item. If they still haven't returned the item within 3 days, we charge additional recall fines of 75p per item per day, in addition to any fines already accruing. 

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