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    Respecting other Library users

    Library staff monitor behaviour and noise levels in the Library on a regular basis, although we are ultimately dependent on students to respect the rights of others to work in a peaceful environment, and to alert us to any problems. A text alert service is employed to allow students to anonymously alert Library staff to any issues. 

    Study areas

    The Library has a variety of study areas to suit your study needs, with the areas getting quieter as you move up through the builing. Staff monitor noise levels in the study areas, and users will be asked to relocate if they are not using the appropriate study area

    Group work

    Group work can be undertaken either on the ground floor in our social learning area, or in the bookable work rooms on the 1st floor. Group work rooms can be booked at the Library desk, and they have an interactive whiteboard in each room. 

    Quiet study

    The 1st floor is for quiet study, and has large communal tables and soft seating. Please keep noise to a minimum on this floor. 

    Silent study

    The 2nd floor is for silent individual study, and has individual study carrels. No noise is acceptable on this level. 

    Using the study areas

    Hot and cold drinks and cold food can be consumed on all floors of the Library, but hot food is not permitted on any floors; in accordance with the institutional ICT Code of Practice, no food or drink is permitted in the IT Suite.

    Mobile phone use is discouraged and restricted to the staircases in each of the two towers. Please try to use your phone quietly as noise carries easily from the towers.

    The Library adheres to the institutional no smoking policy, which also applies to vaping. 

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