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    Interlibrary loans

    Items not stocked by the Library can generally be obtained from an outside library. Please see http://www.marjon.ac.uk/student-life/library/library-essentials/inter-library-loans/ for details of the service, including costs and request allowances.  
    Borrowers are governed by the conditions of the issue, as specified by the lending institution, and the Library will not deviate from these. Abuse of the conditions and lending procedures may result in the withdrawal of loan facilities from the institution, and the interlibrary loan service will be withdrawn from the user concerned. 

    SCONUL Access

    SCONUL Access is a reciprocal borrowing scheme between Higher Education libraries in the UK. Full details of the scheme and information on eligibility for the scheme are available from http://www.sconul.ac.uk/sconul-access

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