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    Library gates

    The Library operates a security system to ensure that items which have not been issued are not removed from the Library; this helps us to provide an efficient and effective service to all users.  Should the system be activated on your departure from the Library you are asked to co-operate fully with the staff to ensure the correct issue procedure is followed.

    Library CCTV

    Information on the University-wide CCTV policy can be found on this page as a downloadable pdf document: https://www.marjon.ac.uk/about-marjon/governance--management/university-strategies--policies/miscellaneous-strategies--policies/


    All readers who bring bags, cases, portfolios etc into the Library may be required to open them for inspection by a member of staff when leaving the Library.

    Library staff

    Library staff work hard to provide you with your Library service, and deserve to be treated with respect. Rude or unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, and users will be asked to the leave the Library. The University has a very clear misconduct procedure, and action will be taken in accordance with this procedure. 

    If Library staff ask you to leave the building and you refuse to do so, the Campus Support Team will be called to attend. 

    In the event of unacceptable behaviour, we will notify your personal tutor, your Faculty Dean, the Head of Student Support and the Pro Vice Chancellor Learning & Teaching. 

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