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    The Student Union has multiple officers that help to run the Union and ensure that our students are getting the best possible University experience they could.


    President and Deputy President:

    The President and Deputy President are the face of Marjon Student Union (MSU) and represent the student voice. They speak on behalf of all students and ensure that the students are always getting the best deal possible in all decisions that the University make.

    This year’s President is Elias McGill, who can be contacted on emcgill@marjon.ac.uk and Deputy President is Haden Tye, htye@marjon.ac.uk

    Women’s Officer:

    The Women’s Officer strives to make sure that both genders are represented equally and that equality is established throughout the university. This year’s Women’s Officer is Shelly Harris, who can be contacted on 20055864@student.marjon.ac.uk

    Diversity Officer:

    The Diversity Officer represents all students regardless of their identity and makes sure that every single student feels valued and included by the university. This year’s Diversity Officer is Alex Christmas, who can be emailed on 20036970@student.marjon.ac.uk 

    Sports Officer:

    The Sports Officer campaigns for the right for students to play sport in the best possible circumstances that can be offered.  

    Mature Officer:

    The Mature Officers represent mature students and make sure that they are still an active community within our university and that the age difference between mature students and younger students is not viewed as a barrier.

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