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    Marjon supports its residential students through a team of Resident Wardens and Resident Student Assistants (RSAs).
    The Resident Wardens and RSAs are on a duty rota to support students out of normal office hours.
    The Senior Resident Warden (Lance Doggart) is responsible for:
    · Resident student welfare
    · Maintaining good resident conduct
    · Disciplinary procedures for misconduct
    · Management of wardens & senior resident students
    Campus can be a lively place to live and has a diverse population where sometimes not everyone is able to "get along". For more information on Accommodation (including how to deal with "Flatmates from Hell") please click here.  
    The Warden and RSA team can help with noisy neighbours, feeling homesick, not knowing your way around and are the first port of call for any incidents or accidents.
    The Campus Support Team assists in making your stay on campus enjoyable whilst taking into account everyone’s safety and wellbeing.
    In the event of an incident please telephone 2222 and the Campus Support Assistants or Campus Security Staff will contact the duty RSA.
    The Campus Support Assistants work between 07.30 and 20.00 Monday to Friday.
    This team will offer the support you need on a day to day basis and are located in the Campus Services Office. The Campus Security Staff provide support from 20.00 to 08.00 Monday to Friday and at weekends. They look after the safety and security of the establishment and will conduct regular patrols.
    Resident Wardens: Sarah Catlow and Chris Smietanka 
    Senior Resident Warden - Lance Doggart

    Resident Student Assistants 2017/18:

    Joel Larkman Clark
    Bethany Smith Coleridge
    Corey Box Cromwell
    Alex Dean Dix
    Harry Orr House E
    Rianna Agar-Hutty House D
    Kathryn Stark House C
    Robyn Lamont House B
    Tom Corlett KSW
    Finley Corlett Hudson

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