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    The Advice Desk in Student Support is no longer in use as there is a new centralised service.

    For intial University related advice (including advice relating to Student Support) please visit the Information Hub which is located at the main University entrance.

    Alternatively you can call them on 01752 636700 or email info@marjon.ac.uk

    If you are unsure if you need just a "15 minute 'quick query' appointment" or a "30 minute appointment", please visit the Information Hub so that the Information Hub Assistants can provide you with the most appropriate advice and guidance for your situation. 

    Students can request their own appointments with staff using the links below:

    N.B. At the moment the attached documents are not compatible with MacBooks.


    Students can request an appointment by emailing studentsupport@marjon.ac.uk following the instructions and quoting the information that the Information Hub Assistants have given them. 

    *It is not reccommend that you make an appointment with Student Support staff without speaking to the Information Hub Assistants first*

    If you are having difficulty booking an appointment using Outlook or have any queries relating to the above, the Information Hub Assistants can help you. 

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