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    Flat mates from Hell

    Do you have a housemate from hell?

    Unfortunately, occasionally, there are disputes between housemates. This may be due to a clash of lifestyles and different expectations can cause friction. If you are having problems it is a good idea to talk to your housemate before it goes too far. They might not realise that there is an issue and most people will work with you to find a solution.

    Our top tips

    1. Talk to your housemate – don’t leave notes! Arrange a mutually convenient time to talk through your issues.
    2. Say what the problem is, be specific and cite behaviour and not personality.
    3. Do as much listening as talking - don’t interrupt.
    4. Compromise.
    5. Stick to whatever you have agreed to.

    Things to try

    • Negotiating one to one. 
    • Ask to speak to the person you are having difficulty with.
    • Negotiate as a group. 
    • When person is not pulling their weight in the kitchen then it affects the whole flat.  Speak as a household and agree as a household.
    • Ask your RSA to sit in on your one to one or house meeting. 
    • Stick to the problems and stick to a timeframe. 
    • If all the above has failed ask staff on the Information Hub if a member of staff is able to mediate to mediate.
    • Contact Student Support for further assistance.

    If you feel that you have become a victim of harassment please contact Student Support on 01752 636891, email studentsupport@marjon.ac.uk or visit the Information Hub.

    If you feel threatened or have experienced violence please contact the police.  If you need to call 999 please then contact 2222 from an internal phone or 01752 636700 Ext. 2222 and let us know.

    If you are worried about a housemate’s mental health and/or you are being affected by their behaviour, support and advice is available. You can contact Student Support or complete an online referral form by clicking HERE


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