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    Following recognised good practice many programmes are designed to include formally recognised and integrated periods of placement learning. Placement learning provides students with the opportunity to engage with private, public and voluntary sector organisations to put their academic skills into practice and reflect on their experiences. Assessed coursework is then produced as a result of student experiences and reflections.

    Students are also encouraged to set up, and engage with, periods of work experience. Work experience is invaluable and affords the opportunity for students to research a sector or job role that they may be interested in pursuing when they graduate or just get to grips with being an employee. Whether the work experience is specific to the sector students are looking to gain employment in, or is more general, the value of gaining transferable employability skills can not be underestimated.

    Whilst many students will be placed, or working, with local organisations placement learning and work experience also provide students with the opportunities to engage with regional, national and sometimes international organisations which helps students to broaden their horizons and exposes them to countless opportunities to use the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes they have developed through their studies and extra-curricular experiences.

    With an increasingly competitive job market and research showing that employers and recruiters are increasingly placing more emphasis on the value of work-based experiences the importance of engaging in placement learning and work experience should not be under estimated.

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