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  • General Assessment Guidance including Format and Word Count.

    Your course will provide you with a range of assessment opportunities from the more academically formal such as essays, presentations, reports, through to designing web sites, blogging, making videos. Your tutors will set out the assessment criteria which will be related to a set of learning outcomes.


    When being assessed in an academic format the house style you are expected to adopt here at Marjon should be the following:-

    • Arial or calibri 12.
    • 1.5 or double line spacing.
    • Normal margins.
    • 6 point spacing between paragraphs.

    Before you start an assessment, you might find the following guide useful.

    Word Count

    Section 13 of the SRF 2017-18 contains full institutional guidance on Assessment Practices, which includes this section on word counts:-

    'Students will be given target word counts or equivalents for coursework assessments. The instructions for the assessment should make the consequences of exceeding or failing to reach the word count clear before the student undertakes the assessment. Word counts include footnotes, quotes and reference citations within the text of the work. The reference list, bibliography and appendices are excluded, as are captions for images, figures or tables.' (SRF, 2016-17, 13.3.2)


    This is a collection of documents and/or artefacts created by a person to demonstrate the achievements, learning and skills they have developed.  A portfolio may be created for a number of reasons, for example as part of the personal development planning/profiling process, as part of the assessment of a course or to support a claim for APL.




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