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    The following is taken from the Student Guidance on Referencing and Scholarship. The full document can be accessed here.


    The University of St Mark & St John requires its students to follow the established practice of referencing. Students should always use the Marjon Referencing System, which is based on a version of the Harvard ‘Author-Date’ system of referencing. Unless you are given specific instructions to the contrary, you must never use more than one referencing system within a single document.

    The following pages set out the general rules of the Marjon Referencing System. There is a dedicated web app available called the Marjon Academic Referencing Generator (MARGen) which you can use to check your referencing for accuracy. MARGen covers the main sources of information used for referencing, but additional information can be found in the Academic Skills area of Learning Space.

    Referencing your work

    When you hand in an assignment it must include references for all key ideas that are not your own and for all direct quotations; it is vital for your reader to be able to find the source to which you are referring. If you do not identify your sources in this way you could be considered to be committing academic misconduct (plagiarism), which carries a very high penalty (Refer to the Section of this Handbook on Plagiarism for further information on plagiarism).

    What are references?

    A reference is the detailed description of the item from which you have obtained your information. It acknowledges the work of others and demonstrates the body of knowledge on which you have based your work. You must acknowledge all work, ideas, arguments and any information you have taken from the work of others, regardless of whether you have directly quoted from their work (direct reference) or have summarised their ideas using your own words (indirect reference).

    References enable the identification of sources referred to in your written work. A reference list is essential for all assignments (to enable the reader / marker to identify the range and relevance of the materials referred to, to inform your work). 

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