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    Presentation of Honours Projects

    Written Honours Projects should be word processed using black ink on A4 paper and comb-bound. The Copy Shop can provide facilities for covers and binding. The following format should be observed:-
    • font Calibri or Arial 12
    • line spacing: for the main text use 1.5 or 2 spacing
    • margins: left-hand 30mm; right-hand 20mm; top 20mm; bottom 20mm
    • use a new page for each new chapter (where appropriate and as agreed with the supervisor)
    • number all pages appropriately-Roman numerals for every page before Chapter 1-table of contents, glossary of terms, statement of originality, acknowledgements etc. For the main body of the text use the numbering system 1,2,3 etc.
    • The numbers can be inserted on either the centre, or the right of the page, but not the left as they would not be visible once the document is bound.

    The following order should be observed:-

    A link to a visual guide of an honours project can be found here

    title page/front page - the dissertation title, name of the student, the title of the award and the year should all appear on the title page/front page. See the example below.

    (NB if your front cover has a window, only the dissertation title should be visible through the window of the front cover. 

    • table of contents
    • lists of figures, tables, plates (photographs) (if any)
    • glossary of terms used (if appropriate)
    • author’s statement of originality-this should contain the following text:-

    I confirm that I have fully acknowledged all sources of information and help received, and that where such acknowledgement is not made, the work is my own.



    • acknowledgements
    • abstract - for undergraduate dissertations this should be a 200 word summary of the whole dissertation - aims, methodologies, key findings and conclusions. 

    [All of the above must be single sided printed]

    • text (divided into chapters / sections)
    • reference list
    • bibliography (if appropriate)
    • numbered appendices (if appropriate)

    [The text, reference list, bibliography, appendices may be single or double sided printed]

    An example of the inside cover page which needs to contain the following information and be set out accordingly. Remember to put the full title of your course and the correct year. [You do not need the University of St Mark & St John logo on this page.]

    [The title needs to be in the correct position on the page to enable it to be visible throught the outside cover.]


                                   The University of St Mark & St John








               Dissertation submitted in part-fulfilment of the requirements for

         Insert full course information e.g. BSc Hons Speech and Language Therapy








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